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hsk 2021 registration for hsk exam in selangor, johor, perak and penan HSK 2020 Registration; HSK 2020 Registration. Test Locations: Han Culture Centre Malaysia (Kota Damansara, Selangor):. Step 2 Register HSK Level Test. 2. Choose the Level, here we choose HSK level 4 as an example. 3.It is very important to choose the right test center and confirm the address of that test center. 4. Pictures uploading. Pay attention to the instructions of the picture requirments. 6. Confirm your infomation again. 7. Sucessfully pre-registered and go to the payment page


HSK offre une garantie de 10 ans sur la qualité de ses cabines et de ses bacs de douche ainsi que sur ses placards à glace en aluminium et une garantie de disponibilité de 20 ans sur toutes les pièces de rechange. Beispiel Headline für eine Text-neben-Bild Headline Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna. HSK 2021 REGISTRATION; HSKK 2021 REGISTRATION; Registrations on Hanban; HSK Mock Exam Papers; HSK Exercise Books; Contact Us; 切换语言 . English; 中文; Home; Registrations on Hanban; Registrations on Hanban. Dear test takers, if you have registered HSK at our test center on Hanban's website (www.chinesetest.cn), please make payment via bank transfer, and fill in the following form to. Le test d'évaluation de chinois ou Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (chinois simplifié : 汉语水平考试 ; chinois traditionnel : 漢語水平考試 ; pinyin : hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì), en abrégé HSK, est le seul test normalisé de la République populaire de Chine pour tester les compétences linguistiques en mandarin des personnes ne l'ayant pas comme langue maternelle, à savoir les étudiants étrangers, les Chinois d'outre-mer et les membres des minorités ethniques de Chine

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HSK Registration. How to register: 1. Complete an appropriate form for HSK/HSKK, YC T or BCT; 2. Make payment for the test/s of your choice by either online transfer (Account name: ASCC; BSB number: 062 904; Account No. 1034 5608) or cash payment at one of the ASCC campus/offices; and. 3. Email a scanned copy of your form and receipt to hsk@trilong.com.au. Important Note: Registration will. Complete Guide to the HSK ⭐️ There are 6 HSK Levels in total, but this is changing for 2021 where the HSK expands to 9, including a big shake-up with words. Menu. About. About LTL Our Story Why Choose LTL China Meet the LTL China Team Media & Accreditations Locations Reviews and Testimonials Careers at LTL LTL Influencer Programs Useful Links Free Online Classes Every Week China Student.

a. HSK- Niveau 1. Conçu pour les apprentis qui sont capables de comprendre et d'utiliser de simples caractères chinois et des phrases pour communiquer et les prépare dans la continuation de leur étude de la langue chinoise; Les postulant ont généralement appris le chinois pendant 1 semestre a raison d'une heure ou deux de cours par semaine 2021 HSK Registration Links. HCCM Departments. Translation Department; Mandarin Learning Department; Youth Development Program & Study Tou HSK 4: Forever you: Graded Chinese Reader: HSK 4 (1200-word level) (Chinese-English) Paper; ebook Kindle; Best mock exams books for HSK. This selection of books is 100% dedicated to the HSK test for a specific level. They offer a great simulation of the actual tests. Authors are experienced TCSL teachers who follow the requirements of the New Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (Hanyu Shuiping. 2020 HSK Speaking Test Dates. Date: Deadline for registration: Date of results announced: Paper and Pencil Test: Internet-based Test: Jan 11 (Sat) Dec 15, 2019: Jan 1, 2020: Feb 18: Mar 21 (Sat) Feb 23: Mar 11: Apr 21 : Apr 11 (Sat) Mar 15: Apr 1 : May 11 : May 9 (Sat) Apr 12: Apr 29 : June 9 : July 12 (Sun) June 15: July 2 : Aug 12: Oct 17 (Sat) Sept 20 : Oct 7 : Nov 17: Dec 6 (Sun) Nov 9.

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SUITE AUX NOUVELLES CONSIGNES SANITAIRES, L'EXAMEN HSK DU 21 NOVEMBRE EST ANNULE. PROCHAINE SESSION 20 MARS 2021. L'examen se déroule sur ordinateur dans une salle informatique dédiée aussi le candidat doit être présent à Montpellier pour l'examen. Modalités de l'examen HSK Horaire de l'examen (par niveau) HSK 2, HSK 4 et HSK 6 : 9H00, HSK 1, HSK 3 et HSK 5 : 13H30; Les. HSK Test and Registration Guide. The 1st Academic Staff Training Workshop - Confucius Institute 02nd - 04th Oct. Confucius Institute Day Celebrations - 08th Oct. Awarding Ceremony - Certificate Course in Chinese Language -29th Sept. Second Donation of Anti-pandemic Supplies by the Bank of China Colombo Branch to University of Colombo . Archives. December 2020; November 2020; October.

Registration flow for HSK-iBT & HSKK. 0. Latest News; What is HSK? FAQ; Registration Flow; HSK 2021 REGISTRATION; HSKK 2021 REGISTRATION; Registrations on Hanban; Contact Us; English; 中文 ; Contact for queries : +(603) 6151 6684. hsk@hccm.com.my. Login; LOGIN Forgot Password. Remember Me. Latest News; Registration Info. What is HSK? FAQ; Registration Flow; HSK & HSKK Registrations. HSK 2021. Hankao International began to launch the HSK home online test. Candidates for the October 31 exam must complete their registration before October 16

NEW HSK - Introduction to the HSK. HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (汉语水平考试) came about in 1992 as a proficiency exam for Mandarin Chinese.. The exams are organised by Hanban (汉办). Hanban are a part of the Chinese education ministry, who are also in charge of the Confucius Institutes (孔子学院).. HSK is currently split into 6 levels covering 150 to 5000 words HSK Test Regulation. 1. Articles carried for the test On the test date, test takers must bring the following articles to the test room: - Test admission ticket; - Identity certificate (copies are invalid) which is authentic, valid, identical with the registration information and carries a photo; - 2B pencils (two or more) and eraser, in the event that it is a paper-based test. Other personal. HSK Level 6: $70; Fees and registration for the HSK are NON-REFUNDABLE. If an applicant cancels his/her registration 48 hours or more in advance of the test date, the registration and fees may be applied to a test date in the same calendar year, if available. Any registrations canceled after the 48-hour deadline will not be rescheduled and all fees will be forfeit. How do I select CIRU as my. HSK Registration Form SOAS Language Centre (650) Please write with a pen and use capital letters wherever applicable. Please tick the box of your choice where appropriate. Surname: Given Name: Name in Chinese (if applicable): Sex: Nationality: Postal Address: Postcode: Daytime Tel No: Evening Tel No: Mobile: Email address: I would like to take the HSK on (date: ) at: Beginner level Elementary. Here are the 2021 HSK exam times for if you're looking to test your Chinese language skills, or need to obtain a HSK certificate for your visa, company, or university. The below dates are published by the official organization, Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd (CTI). But be aware, there is a disclaimer that these dates may still change (for unforeseen events, such as covid-19). The HSK.

Learn Chinese language with these resources from GoEast Mandarin, about vocabulary, characters, culture, studying tips and much more HSK 3 through to HSK 6 are fully in Chinese characters, there is no pinyin in these exams; HSK 3 to HSK 6 tests your listening, reading and writing skills; The HSK Exam dates are listed below. The cost of the HSK 1 Exam is 150CNY, this increases by 100CNY for each exam. For example, HSK 4 would cost 450CNY . PLEASE NOTE - The cost of HSK Exam's changes depending on the country you are in. This HSK Chinese exam registration form for 2017 is important to bring to the physical exam location. There are two variants for the HSK: HSK written and HSK oral (also HSKK, or Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǒuyǔ Kǎoshì (汉语 水平 口语 考试), and the written HSK test assesses the skills of listening, reading, and from level 3 also writing is included HSK FAQ 1. Q:When will HSK Exam be held and how to apply? A:CLC arranges HSK exam three times a year (April, August and December). You can search for other test centre/time from Hanban website.Currently, CLC only accepts online registration.Register online and a payment memo will be sent by email

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It is important to get registered online for HSK test first. Only after the registration and payment for the HSK test, you can sit in the HSK HSK Exam Registration Form. Download this HSK Exam Registration Form for 2017 if you are going to do your Chinese language HSK exam in 2017. Bring as a hardcopy to your HSK exam HSK Online is an intelligent platform of online learning for people who are preparing for the Chinese Proficiency Test. It can help students successfully pass HSK tests (1-6) and get high scores. The platform covers Chinese proficiency tests, previous tests exercises, model tests papers, HSK vocabulary exercises, HSK special exercises, HSK preparation guides and other practical functions


  1. Select default application methods for your jobs. Application Methods for new jobs will be prefilled with this configuration (you can change for each job)
  2. HSK; Year Registration & Payment Deadline Exam Date Result Date ; 2020: 13 Jan: 09 Feb: 09 Mar: 2020: 12 Apr - cancelled: 09 May: 09 Jun: 2020: 15 Jun - cancelled: 12 Jul: 12 Aug: 2020: 23 Aug - cancelled: 19 Sep: 26 Oct: 2020: 09 Nov - cancelled: 06 Dec: 06 Jan (2021) HSKK. Note: Due to Coronavirus, May and July exams are cancelled. HSKK Year Registration & Payment Deadline Exam Date Result.
  3. utes, the HSK Level IV test is intended for those who can easily communicate in Mandarin across all aspects of their daily lives. Learners will be introduced to many social and informal situations and learn up to 1200 words and some basic grammar points for listening, speaking and writing. Students should be able to converse easily with native Chinese speakers at this level

For registration, please complete the HSK/HSKK registration form. Fees and payment. All HSK and HSKK payments can only be done online through the online shop. All fees are non-refundable. Key in HSK or HSKK in the search engine and add it into your cart. Select HSK/HSKK level and proceed to Check Out then follow the prompts. HSK Level Fee (GST incl.) HSKK Level Fee (GST incl.) HSK Level 1: $35. The HSK sample tests help students prepare for the actual HSK tests at all levels. They will help you understand how the tests are structured and formatted. The more questions that you practice answering and the more that you familiarize yourself with the exam format and structure, the more likely that you will pass the real HSK test HSKK . Fee : Test Date Level 1 . AUD 35 Elementary . AUD 35 6 Feb 2021 15 May 2021 17 Oct 2021 Level 2 . AUD 35 Level 3 . AUD 5 For HSK-2, a group of HSK Online senior Chinese teachers will bring users the correct practice methods of listening, reading,vocabulary, previous tests papers and model tests exercises, help them to be familiar with the way to solve various HSK2 questions and to get high scores in answering techniques HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Test preparation classes; Confucius Institute Student Handbook. Fact sheet (to be updated) Download our student handbook (to be updated) Registration Process. To register for a course, please see the following steps: Complete the online registration form, available only during the established registration period. Online registration form ; Make payment via.

HSK Registration Procedure: 1. Go to www.chinesetest.cn and sign in with a user-id and password.. 2. Complete registration form and upload your photograph. (Chose the 'Pen and Paper' option for the test-type and 'Chinese Language Centre - VIT' as the test centre). 3. Forward the confirmation mail of registration that you will receive, to kkumar@vit.ac.in and msubaji@vit.ac.in(email. You will also need to pay an HSK test fee and registration fee, both nonrefundable, at the center. The amount may vary depending on the test center of your choice. 3. Test Registration In the test center, you need to select the level (1 up to 6), form (paper-based or Internet based test), and pick a test center and test date. Some centers only arrange Internet based tests, if you are looking. HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) Schedule (2021) HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) Schedule (2021) Test Date: Deadline of Test Registration: Test Level & Fees (+ 5% VAT) Jan-09: Dec-13 : HSKK Primary Level: AED295+5%VAT = 309.75 HSKK Intermediate Level: AED405+5%VAT = 425.25 HSKK Advanced Level: AED515+5% VAT = 540.75: Mar-20: Feb-21: Apr-10: Mar-14: May-15: Apr-18: Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Schedule (2021.

Complete Guide to the HSK ⭐️ There are 6 HSK Levels in total, but this is changing for 2021 where the HSK expands to 9, including a big shake-up with words HSK and FAQ; Registration Form; HSK Test Fees; HSK Practice Tests; Test Day; CI Scholarship; Nanjing University Scholarship; Language and Culture Resource Center; Home » HSK and Resources » HSK » HSK Test Fees. HSK Test Fees. $30 (Level 1) $40 (Level 2) $50 (Level 3) $60 (Level 4) $70 (Level 5) $80 (Level 6) Check: Payable to Emory University. Money order: Paid to Emory University. EMORY. Eventbrite - Confucius Institute in Auckland presents HSK Exam on 21 Nov 2020 - Saturday, 21 November 2020 at Confucius Institute, Pembridge House. Find event and registration information

HSK Registration: Register at Mandarin House: Paying Test Fee: Pay the test fee(150 RMB,250 RMB,350 RMB,450 RMB,550 RMB,650 RMB) Collecting Test Admission Ticket: Print your HSK Admission Ticket at www.chinesetesting.cn or Mandarin House: Taking HSK: Learn about the test regulations, prepare test articles and proceed to take the test. Score Enquiry: Find out your score 30 days after the test. For HSK, registration takes place online only through the Chinese website Chinesetest.cn. It is an organization which aims to centralize applications for Mandarin tests. Unlike other language exams, registering for the HSK cannot be done at examination centers. Once registered, you will have to print your invitation to the HSK from the website. When you register, you will have to choose a date.

Discovery Publisher is a multimedia editor whose mission is to inspire and support personal transformation, spiritual growth and awakening HSK Exam Registration Form. Download this HSK Exam Registration Form for 2017 if you are going to do your Chinese language HSK exam in 2017. Bring as a hardcopy to your HSK exam. View template. Latest topics. Thanksgiving 2020 Find here the best Thanksgiving templates online and make a good use of them to invite friends, family and colleagues for your Thanksgiving events. IT Security Standards. Use our free WHOIS lookup service to view the registration status and public data for super-hsk.com. Dashboard. WHOIS domain lookup. Search. super-hsk.com has already been registered. If you have permissions to manage this domain, log in to update the configuration of this domain. You can also renew it even if you are not one of its contacts. Renew this domain. Find a domain name similar to. The HSK is an international exam for foreigners and non-native speakers which assesses proficiency in Chinese Language and Culture. HSK Exam Registration, Sat 11/04/2020 at 9:00 am | Eventbrite Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking cookies (or similar technologies) to understand your event preferences and provide you with a customised experience


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  1. They confirmed that they do HSK registration there. Final date for registration is April 6. All you need is 250Y for the intermediate exam, two passport photos and your passport. There is no surcharge involved. They don't do advanced exam registration there. No one answered at the BLCU. I'm not going to try ringing back - best just going to Juncheng and getting it over and done with. y. Quote.
  2. Added Internet Test (HSK) for 2019. Date de l'Examen. Registration deadline. Result announcement. 10-Mars. Dim. 28-Févr. 25-Mars. 26-Mai. Dim. 16-Mai. 10-Juin. 29-Juin. Sam. 19-Juin. 15-Juil. 21-Juil. Dim. 11-Juil. 5-Août. 26-Oct. Sam. 16-Oct. 11-Nov. Saisissez l'opportunité de vous entraîner d'avantage avec GlobalExam, la meilleure plateforme en ligne pour la préparation au test HSK.
  3. wmu-confucius-hsk@wmich.edu Or call (269) 387-3951 • Click here for the test fees (HSK/HSKK/YCT) • Registration is now open for all test dates and will close 10 days prior to each test. • Click here for the test dates (HSK/HSKK/YCT
  4. ations occurs directly via the website of the Confucius Institutes (Hanban) exa
  5. 3. You will need to pay an HSK fee and registration fee, both of which are nonrefundable (your HSK center will tell you how much you need to pay). Should you be unable to take the scheduled HSK.
  6. HSK registration - is there a more secure version of the chinesetest.cn site? Studying . Hi - the entire website appears to be not secure and its SSL certificates are either expired or just don't exist. I tried adding https:// to the beginning of it but it didn't respond. It is asking me for driver's license information and for credit card information and obviously I'm not comfortable with.
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Registration is now closed for our December 2020 exams. Read here how to register for the HSK. Your registration and payment will be confirmed by email upon receipt. IMPORTANT: Please note when creating your profile on chinesetest.cn that you must double-check all of your personal details are correct (full name, ID type etc) as it is very difficult to make changes. Further details can be found. 2020 HSK (online) Test Now Open for Registration Take the Test at home. Available Test Day 1: October 31, Saturday, 2020. Registration Deadline: October 14, Wednesday, 2020; Available Test Day 2: December 12, Saturday, 2020. Registration Deadline: November 25, Wednesday, 2020; HSK LEVELS 1-6 TEST REGISTRATION Email: hskci@csuohio.ed HSK is available both online or in paper-based format, and it's administered in simplified Chinese characters. More and more foreigners start to show an interest in taking the HSK test, we are here to provide you with detailed answers to some frequently asked questions related to HSK

hsk-ingenieur Domain Registration bei domains.ch. Einen anderen Dienst zum Anmelden verwenden Added Internet Test (HSK) for 2019. Exam date. Registration deadline. Result announcement. 10-Mar. Sun. 28-Feb. 25-Mar. 26-May. Sun. 16-May. 10-Jun. 29-Jun. Sat. 19-Jun. 15-Jul. 21-Jul. Sun. 11-Jul. 5-Aug. 26-Oct. Sat. 16-Oct. 11-Nov . Use GlobalExam to continue practicing, the best online platform to prepare yourself for the HSK exam. Hutong School's partner GlobalExam will help you pass the. Online payment is currently not available, please fill in the Registration/Payment Form (2020 Registration Form for HSK) and pay the registration fee by cheque to 358 St. Patrick's Building at Carleton University before the Registration Deadline. If the test fee is not received by then, the test reservation will be automatically cancelled. Once you've successfully paid the fee, the test. HSK and FAQ; Registration Form; HSK Test Fees; HSK Practice Tests; Test Day; CI Scholarship; Nanjing University Scholarship; Language and Culture Resource Center ; Home » HSK and Resources » HSK. HSK. The CI at Emory will NOT hold HSK test in 2020. Please consult websites of local Confucius Institutes for information on possible HSK tests for 2019 and 2020. The Confucius Institute in Atlanta. Registration. Registration is now open for all test dates and will close 10 days prior to each test. Payment for the HSK should be made online after completing your test registration. Cancellation Refunds: If a student withdraws from the test and notifies the Confucius Institute two weeks or more prior to the test date, a full refund will be given

HSK Level Registration/Test Fee ; Level 1: $20: Level 2: $30: Level 3: $40: Level 4: $50: Level 5: $60: Level 6: $70: Note: Fees and registration for the HSK are NON-REFUNDABLE. How do I register? ONLINE REGISTRATION. Click here for HSK Registration Manual for step-by-step instructions. Click here for test schedule. HSK Test. HSK Test Schedule. HSK Test. HSK Test Schedule. print. Confucius. Registration. You can register for the HSK test online: www.chinesetest.cn. Test Principles. HSK test follows the principle of test-teaching correlation, bases the design of the test on the current trends in international Chinese language training, and is closely related to textbooks. The purpose of the test is to promote training through testing and promote learning through.

Learn HSK 1 course here and you don't have to get extra books or any other materials. This is the only HSK 1 Course you need to learn HSK Level 1 and pass the test. Does this course cover all HSK 1 requirements? Yes this course along with the Beginner's Course covers all required grammar points and vocabulary for HSK 1. Is the course only for test-prep purposes? It's for so much more than. • The last day for registration and payment is 10 days prior to the test. • We can only accept payment online. • On the day of testing, → Please bring HSK Test Admission Ticket. → Please bring Valid photo ID (driver's license, passport, or student ID). →You are requested to arrive at the testing site at least 15 minute hsk คือ การสอบวัดระดับความรู้ภาษาจีนระดับสากลสำหรับผู้ที่ไม่ได้ใช้ภาษาจีนเป็นภาษาแม่ เพื่อวัดความสามารถในการนำภาษาจีนไปใช้ในชีวิตประจำ. HSK, HSKK and YCT Registration Instructions 1 . 2 1. Visit www.chinesetest.cn 2. lick on 'New User' to create your account. 3 3. Fill in the 'Account reating' form. * marked fields are mandatory. 4. After completing the form click 'Submit'. 4 5. lick on 'Register Now'. 6. Select the test you wish to take. E.g. HSK Level 1 . 5 7. lick on 'Register'. 6 9. Ensure you select.

A HSK 1 and HSK 2 are the lowest levels and only require listening and reading and use pinyin and Chinese characters. From level 3 and above you lose the safety net of the pinyin. When you're done with the HSK 1 vocabulary test check out our pinyin translator! When it comes time to writing Chinese characters on your phone. Most people choose. HSK Results and Translation. A year after receiving the positive HSK results for the highest level of the old HSK, I began to advertise myself as a Chinese translator.At that time, passing the highest level of the HSK was more-or-less an official ticket to the world of Chinese-English translation The registration for the April HSK exam is closed. For any exam related questions, please contact the Confucius Institute in Auckland at info@ci.ac.nz. Thanks! Event Information. Share this event. Date and Time. Sat., 21 November 2020. 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NZDT. Add to Calendar. Location. Location . Confucius Institute, Pembridge House. 31 Princes Street . Auckland, 1010 . New Zealand . View. HSK 5 & HSK 6 VOCABULARY PAGES ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the site, and HSK 1-4! HSK 6 Practice Test - H61001. The actual test is 140 minutes. A passing score is 180 out of 300. Answers can be found at the end of the test HSK REGISTRATION FORM Chinese Proficiency Tests Test Level Test Type Test Fee Start Time Approx. Duration HSK 1 Written $20.00 1:30pm 40min HSK 2 Written $30.00 9:00am 55min HSK 3 Written $40.00 1:30pm 1hr 30min HSK 4 Written $50.00 9:00am 1hr 45min HSK 5 Written $60.00 1:30pm 2hr 5min HSK 6 Written $70.00 9:00am 2hr 20mi

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I. Test taker who wants to apply an international Chinese teacher scholarship in 2020 would be participated in the test (HSK, HSKK) held during May 27 to 29. Test takers should contact their institution or nearby test centers to complete test registration before May 22; II. Undergraduate with Confucius scholarship who needs to sit for the. The HSK (Level IV) test will last for 105 minutes in total (including 5 minutes in which the test takers fill in personal information). LINK HSK Test Centers (Overseas) 1. Listening Comprehension. There are 10 items in Part I. The recording of each item will be played only once. For each item, a short passage will read out, followed by an assertion which also appears on the test paper. The. REGISTRATION FORM - please e-mail/fax CIM a copy of this registration for the HSK/HSKK, AND make payment: 证件姓名 ID Name (FULL name, including first name, middle initial, last 中文姓名Chinese Name, if you have one. 国籍 Nationality:. Use our free WHOIS lookup service to view the registration status and public data for hsk.partners. Dashboard. WHOIS domain lookup. Search. hsk.partners has already been registered. If you have permissions on this domain, log in to update the configuration of this domain. You can also renew it even if you are not one of its contacts. Renew this domain. Find a domain name similar to hsk.

Eventbrite - Confucius Institute in Auckland presents HSK Exam on 17 Oct 2020 - Saturday, 17 October 2020 at Confucius Institute, Pembridge House. Find event and registration information HSK/HSKK-iBT Each Level Test Duration & Examination Fee 各级网考时长与考费列表 Online Registration : http://bit.ly/HSK-iBT2021 Whatsapp Enquiry :..

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09-12-2016 - HSK Exam Registration Form 2017 - HSK Exam Registration Form 2017. Explore. Education. Education Level. Preschool. Beginning Writing Activities. .. Registration PH-HSK / PHHSK . Operator Transavia; Status ACTIVE; Change registration of PH-HSK × Current registration. New registration. Cancel Change. Add operator of PH-HSK × Current operator. New operator (ex. Private/Indigo) Cancel Change. Add type of PH-HSK × Current type. New type. Is the type not in the list? Just type it and we will add it after a check. Cancel Change. Edit status. hsk試験には全6段階のレベルがありますので、ご希望のレベルを選択して下さい。各レベル試験開始時刻が違いますので、複数の異なるレベルの試験に申込むことが出来ます。例えば、パリhsk試験センターでは3レベルまで(1級、2級、3級または、 2級、3級、4級)連続して申込むことが出来ます @ all hsk registration, certificate and answers available here for 12th july examination seaters is available and also upgrading of hsk results after.. รวมศัพท์ hsk ระดับต่างๆ. ศัพท์ hsk 1 ศัพท์ hsk 2 ศัพท์ hsk 3 ศัพท์ hsk 4 ศัพท์ hsk 5 ศัพท์ hsk 6. รวมหัวข้อไวยากรณ์ hsk ที่ควรรู้. ไวยากรณ์ที่ควรรู้ hsk

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you. Responses. Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Zaiiparn October 14, 2020. 谢谢. Log in to Reply. John October 14, 2020. 不客气. Log in to Reply. Pan October 4, 2020. ขอบคุณค่ะ. Log in to Reply. John October 5, 2020. 不客气. Log in to Reply. John October 17, 2020. ยินดีครับ. Log.

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  • Dévotion aux saints anges.
  • Caractéristique physique synonyme.
  • Boudiné definition.