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You can buy a myki Pass for 7 days or anywhere between 28 and 365 days. When you buy a myki Pass for between 325 and 365 days, you only pay for 325 days, and receive up to 40 days free. Select 365 days on a myki machine or ask for 365 days when buying from a shop or ticket office. Your myki can store two myki Passes at a time MYKI Pass myki Pass. If you travel often, you can buy consecutive days with a myki Pass. Choose where you'll be travelling and how many days you need. You can buy a myki Pass for 7 days or anywhere between 28 and 365 days. Weekly (7 day) myki Pass fare table . Weekly rate 7 day pass Zone 1+2 Zone 2; Full fare: $45.00: $30.00: Concession: $22.50: $15.00: Daily rate for 28-365*day myki Pass. You can buy a myki Pass for 7 days or anywhere between 28 and 365 days. Top up online now; Register or log-in to manage your myki and purchase a myki Pass; Find your nearest place to top up; Choose the best fare for you. If you're not sure what fare product to use, our calculator will help you compare myki Money with myki Pass fares. Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Customer service Customer. The myki is an electronic stored-value reloadable smart card that is used in all public transportation services in Melbourne — bus, tram, train. With this card, you can easily get around the city and even the surrounding suburbs. Cash isn't accepted anymore The Travel Pass is a short-term ticket issued for one, seven or 30 days of travel that gives you free travel on all trains, trams and buses in metropolitan Melbourne and on myki-enabled regional town buses, including in Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Seymour and the Latrobe Valley

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  1. Myki is the Melbourne public transport ticketing system that uses a reusable smart card which can be retained and cash is loaded onto the card to pay for travel. The Myki system requires travellers to which you can load with cash to travel on trains, trams and buses. Where to buy Myki Card or Pass & Ticket Fares, Recharge & Top Up. A Myki card can be purchased online or by calling 1800 800 007.
  2. Money or Pass? In your case, Money. A 7-day Myki pass gives you free travel on two of seven days but it's the same price as five weekdays' travel. The real saving with a pass comes with the cheaper rate applicable to a pass of 28 days or more. Zones? Melbourne's fares are the same (and have been for almost a decade) when you travel only in Zone.
  3. Answer 1 of 9: Hi All, Can anyone advice if there is an all in weekly travel pass in Melbourne like the Mymulti pass they have in Sydney and what would the cost be? Thanks
  4. Answer 1 of 3: Can anyone please tell me how does the Myki pass work? I am considering to study in melbourne next year however I will be living in Bendigo, I realized that I can buy a 70 days Myki pass for AUD940.8 (at a daily rate 13.44 x70 days) does it mean..
  5. Please find the myki fare details for a trip from Melbourne's Southern Cross to Traralgon Station below. Southern Cross: Zone 1 Traralgon: Zone 12 Two hour fare: Valid for 4 hours : Full Fare: Concession : Senior: myki Money - Peak: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $31.80 Cost of a daily fare: $63.60: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $15.90 Cost of a daily fare: $31.80: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $15.90 Cost of a.


The Myki explorer costs $15. That's $6 for the card and $9 of preloaded credit. So you could use it for one full day of travel ($8.20) or two days when you only travel for up to two hours on each day ($4.10 for 2 hours) You can do this travel any day you are in Melbourne

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1) For a short-term visit to Melbourne, you only need to buy a myki card ($6 non-refundable cost of the card) + add money into card.For example, you can load any amount of $ (minimum $1) into myki card at a 7-Eleven. This is called myki money. 2) myki pass is when you buy and load a 7-day Pass (cost $41) into the myki card Please find the myki fare details for a trip from Ballarat to Melbourne's Southern Cross Station below. Southern Cross: Zone 1 Ballarat: Zone 8 Two hour fare: Valid for 3 hours : Full Fare: Concession: Senior: myki Money - Peak : Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $22.60 Cost of a daily fare: $45.20: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $11.30 Cost of a daily fare: $22.60: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $11.30 Cost of a.

Answer 1 of 20: My husband and I will be in Melbourne for 6 days and plan to use public transport. Would I be better off with a Myki Pass or Myki money Answer 1 of 16: We are travelling to Melbourne at the end of April for a total 7 days as tourists. I have just read the info on the Myki cards and are now totally confused. At the end of all the reading, I think the visitors pass is the correct one for us but it.. Answer 1 of 11: Hi guys, based on the itinerary provided below, do you prefer me getting a Myki Pass or Myki money? Please advise, as this is my first time to Melbourne with my gf for 6 days. Also I would like to get some insight if my itinerary below is efficient.. The cost of a 28 day pass is $145.04 (as at February 2018) and if you travel at least 5 days per week the MYKI pass works out a lot cheaper at $5.18 AUD per day over 28 days, where as MYKI Money costs up to $8.60 AUD per return trip. 2.) MYKI Money is for those who don't travel often

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Yesterday marked ten years since the Myki system's implementation in Melbourne. It was switched on for Melbourne trains on 29th December 2009. The roll-out and first ten years of operation ended up costing a whopping $1.5 billion Yes, that is correct. The 70 day Myki pass will allow for not only unlimited travel from Bendigo to Melbourne and back in the 70 day period, it will also give you unlimited travel in and around Melbourne in this time as well. You buy the pass for 70 (or however many) days you want, and it starts from the moment you tap on (not the moment you buy it) Myki Pass becomes much cheaper for 28+ days. Sounds like this is not relevant to you. So you're better off using Myki Money, with the bonus that if you have a change of plan and don't use it one day (eg sickness) you won't be paying for a day you didn't travel As the others have said, yes to both questions. You can see what credit you have remaining when you 'touch off' as you pass through the gates at the railway station or as you alight a bus or train. Equally, you can see your current balance at any of the myki machines where you can also add more money onto the card. Report inappropriate content . Navy35. Melbourne, Australia. Destination Expert.

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Answer 1 of 3: Hi there If I buy a 28 day Zone 1&2 pass by paying $137.76 am I entitled to unlimited travel for 28 days in all forms of public transport within those 2 zones ? Thanks for advisin Partially used myki pass refunds should be submitted as soon as possible, as refunds are calculated on the date the refund was submitted not on the date the pass was last used. The longer it takes to submit a refund the fewer pass days will be eligible for refund. Please visit the PTV website or contact us for more information about calculating pass refund amounts. Expired passes are non. Currently Myki is not valid for all of Victoria, but if you are travelling on V/Line trains between metropolitan Melbourne and Eaglehawk/Epsom, Seymour, Traralgon, Waurn Ponds and Wendouree, or buses within Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Seymour and the Latrobe Valley, then you will need a Myki

Myki could even become the Australian standard for public transport, enhancing the travel experience for locals and tourists. _____ Response from PTV: I acknowledge receipt of your feedback regarding a suggestion for myki ticketing technology to go digital via Apple Wallet. Thank you for contacting Public Transport Victoria (PTV). I do understand your suggestion and can appreciate the. Myki pass is ideal for anybody who travels a lot. If you use the train/tram/bus daily going to work, then the Myki pass is for you. When topping up your Myki choose the zones you wish to travel to and the amount of days you wish to top up for. You have a choice of 1 to 365 days

#myki #Melbourne #MelbournePublicTransport Public transport in Melbourne is super easy once you understand how it works. So in this video Our host Jocelyn Wa.. When we trekked 1.5 kilometres through Melbourne's biggest myki desert on a scorching 31 degree day to top up at Bundoora Post Office, we were fortunate enough to get there half an hour before.

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Answer 1 of 12: Hello, I'm a foreigner. I'd like to know how to travel around Melbourne the cheapest way. I kept seeing about this myki but I don't understand how to use it. I will be staying in Melbourne for 5 days but on the second day, will be.. Anonymous myki. If you choose to keep your myki anonymous, the details we collected to send you your myki will be deleted once it's posted to you. You'll still be able to top up with myki money or a myki pass online, but you won't be able to set up auto top up and any balance of myki money or myki pass days on your card will not be.

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Don't forget that from today you can use Google Pay as your mobile Myki in Melbourne. By. Scott Plowman - 28 March 2019. 15. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. We posted a couple of days. myki Money - Off Peak/Weekend: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $9.52 Cost of a daily fare: $19.04: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $4.76 Cost of a daily fare: $9.52: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $4.76 Cost of a daily fare: $9.52: myki Pass: Cost of a 7 day pass (weekly): $90.60 Cost of a 28-325 day pass (daily rate): $10.68 Cost of a 7 day pass (weekly): $45.3

Vous aurez toutefois toujours besoin de valider votre carte. En vivant à Melbourne, et en payant vos trajets individuellement, vous ne payerez donc jamais plus de 8,60 $ par jour. En utilisant les transports tous les jours, cela revient à 60 $ par semaine et 240,80 $ pour 28 jours. Et c'est là que le Myki pass peut être plus intéressant Mobile myki trial with Sony Xperia XZ2 - Duration: 0:21. Tony Tan 1,776 views. 0:21. 7 Zoom Meeting Tips Every User Should Know! - Duration: 12:10. Simpletivity Recommended for you. 12:10 . Ravi.

at 7-Eleven stores or one of 800 retailers across Melbourne, click here for details; online at ptv.vic.gov.au; by calling 1800 800 007; at the PTV Hub at Southern Cross Station; You can top up your myki: online at ptv.vic.gov.au (allow at least 24 hours for processing) by calling 1800 800 007 (allow at least 24 hours for processing) at myki machines at metropolitan railway stations and. myki Money - Off Peak/Weekend: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $12.74 Cost of a daily fare: $25.48: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $6.37 Cost of a daily fare: $12.74: Cost of a 2 Hour fare: $6.37 Cost of a daily fare: $12.74: myki Pass: Cost of a 7 day pass (weekly): $106.60 Cost of a 28-325 day pass (daily rate): $11.70: Cost of a 7 day pass (weekly): $53.3

Vous pouvez également choisir des abonnements à la semaine ou au mois (Myki Pass), si vos trajets sont réguliers et nombreux. Les transports à Melbourne sont donc assez chers pour ceux qui travaillent et font l'aller-retour dans la journée mais sont en revanche assez généreux avec les touristes qui peuvent prendre le tram 5 fois dans la journée pour le prix de 2 allers To make sure your myki always has enough stored dollar value (myki money) or travel days (myki pass), keep your myki topped up

a Myki Pass for part of their journey and sufficient Myki Money to pay for any remaining part of the journey. V/Line Myki Pass users may travel to a destination beyond the Myki ticket area by purchasing a paper ticket extending their journey. However Myki Money users cannot use such a hybrid ticket. If their journey partly includes a service not covered by Myki, a paper ticket to cover. Melbourne's Myki available on Google pay for Android users this Thursday . By. Scott Plowman - 26 March 2019. 15. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. Earlier this year Public Transport. Unfortunately, you can't currently convert your Myki Pass (weekly, monthly or annual card) to Myki Money (pay as you go) right now because the PTV team has limited access to systems now they. myki Money. Ideal if you travel occasionally or don't plan to travel every day in a month, because you can top-up as you go. Load money onto your card and myki will calculate the lowest fare based on the zones you travel through, with access to access 2-hour and daily fares. myki Pass. Great if you travel often and on consecutive days For more about whether or not you need to use myki when travelling outside of Melbourne, Your myki money or pass can then be transferred to a new smartcard. You can register either when you buy your myki, or at a later date. Registration also lets you set up automatic top-ups, so if your balance falls below a certain amount (for example, below $10) your myki is automatically topped up by.

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Myki Jobs jobs now available in Melbourne VIC. Translator/Interpreter, Director of Education, Business Analyst and more on Indeed.co Melbourne has a very convenient tram system and also has a Free Tram Zone and City Circle tram where you can travel for free within the CBD. Melbourne Trams - Free Tram Zone CBD, Myki, Times & Schedul The key benefit of the Pass is the discount over everyday fares, but Melbourne's used to have some other benefits which have been removed with the migration to Myki: Pre-1990s Metcard, on weekends, a Weekly/Monthly/Yearly allowed travel not just for the cardholder, but also for another adult and kids, effectively becoming a weekend family ticke Answer 1 of 4: It's been some six years since the last Myki post and there have been a number of changes since. I will leave the previous Myki post up because it still contains a number of useful information. When travelling on all forms of public.. Now to your Myki query. Given you'll be staying in Box Hill and using transport every day, the best thing to do is buy a Myki card for $6 and then buy a 7 day pass for $44. This will give you unlimited travel in Melbourne for the full day 7 days - which starts when you first use the pass, not when you buy it.. From Brougham St you can walk to Box Hill Station (it's under the shopping centre.

RIP Myki: You can now touch on Melbourne public transport using your phone By Rebecca Russo Posted: Monday 25 March 2019, 9:56 am. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email WhatsApp. Advertising. Sucked in. *Myki Pass : 定期です。購入時に期間を選択できます。 Melbourne, Australia +61 3 9001 8684. Level 9, 124 Exhibition St. Santiago, Chile +56 2 2582 2253. Antonio Bellet 77 Oficina 601-Providencia. Bogota, Colombia +57 1 5089095. Tokyo, Japan +81 3 4578 9171. Mexico DF, Mexico +52 5 5416 14993. Buenos Aires, Argentina +54 11 2040 0177. Madrid, España +34 91 1516622. Having said that, Sydney's Opal system doesn't have a reduced price weekly ticket for regular users similar to Melbourne's Myki pass. Commuters in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. By pausing a Myki Pass, any remaining travel days will be ready for use when you are ready to get back onto public transport. This applies to both Commuter Club (through PTUA or other organisations) and to regular Myki Passes. In order to pause a Myki Pass, PTV will need to block your existing card and send you a new one, which will be. I am visiting relatives in Melbourne for a week and i think i will use the trams a fair bit during my stay. I heard about MyKi, and how you can buy a weekly pass to save some money on fares. Because i am from QLD, the Myki site wont let be buy the pass online, so i was thinking of physically purchasing it once i get to Melbourne

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  1. 30 days Myki pass for zone 1+ zone 2 all day cost $140.40 which is the same as using Myki money for 18 days in the same zone. If you spend more than a week in Melbourne and need the Myki card for continues 14 days for example. I recomend you to purchase 2x weekly Myki pass which cost $6 + $39 + $39. But if you do not need the Myki card for continues 14 days what you need to plan is combine.
  2. Empty no.75 tram after empty no.75 tram pass me by, with no way for me to purchase a ticket. I will die in Melbourne suburbia tonight, or break the law to get home. Finally, in desperation, I jump on the last tram of the night. Before I know it, I am surrounded by six uniformed ticket inspectors. I try to explain myself. My head is slammed onto the floor of the tram
  3. Melbourne and suburbs, News. COVID-19 smashes the life from cities, which is why we must smash COVID-19. Every 10 Minutes to Everywhere, Media releases. COVID-19: Public transport timetable boost needed to help stagger trips . News. Membership offer - Join PTUA for a year for the cost of a week of Myki. News. Myki Passes now able to be paused. PTUA membership. You can help the fight for.
  4. Le pass électronique myki (www.myki.com.au) est indispensable à bord des bus, tramways et trains de Melbourne. Cette carte en plastique, qui coûte 6 $, se recharge avant les trajets (ce qui peut être problématique pour les touristes). Certains hôtels récoltent les myki des vacanciers ayant quitté Melbourne, mais il est préférable d'acquérir le Visitor Pack (14 $) à l.

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Once you have a myki pass, you can travel as many times as you want in your chosen zone/s for the duration of your pass. For example: A Full Fare Myki pass for a 30 days consecutive trip will cost you $140 travelling in Zone 1 & 2. And a 7 Day full fare Myki Pass for travelling in Zone 1 & 2 will cost $39 . How to Use your Myki Car The pack comprises a myki Smartcard, an amount of pre-loaded myki Money (providing one day's travel in Zone 1 + 2), instructions on how to use and manage the myki Smartcard, an inner Melbourne map, a protective wallet, and discount vouchers for popular visitor attractions. It is available from selected hotels and visitor accommodation, and the PTV Hubs at Southern Cross Station and 750. Myki, le nouveau système tarifaire des transports publics, a enchainé les fautes de parcours depuis le début de sa mise en place fin 2009. Le dernier incident concerne l'abandon du tarif le plu

Mobile myki uses existing myki gates and readers on Melbourne's trams, at train stations and on myki-enabled buses across Victoria, without the need to build new infrastructure. The new technology uses Google Pay on the Android operating system and allows passengers to travel with a Full fare, Concession, Child or Senior myki using both myki Money and myki Pass. Passengers will be able to. If you travel without a valid Myki, or on a concession Myki without a Concession Card, you are at risk of being fined by inspectors. International and New Zealand undergraduate students enrolled in full time study will be able to purchase a half-priced annual pass for travel on either all Melbourne metropolitan tram, train and bus services or Bendigo region transport I am shocked at the price of Myki. Now having to travel from Metro Melbourne to Geelong I require a zone 1 to 4 pass. This for example will cost $294.56 for 28 days. Annually I am looking at paying around $4,000 a year! Public transport is so much better for the environment than using cars and affords people the opportunity to take the time to. La Mobile Myki utilise les systèmes de validation déjà en place dans les trains, trams et bus de Melbourne et dans le Victoria. Cette nouveauté ne nécessitera donc pas d'installer de. I think if it is a 28 day Myki pass (which is the same as a monthly) you get free Zone 2 travel. Not 100% sure on that - I'd have to look up the guff we got given when I am at work next. Not 100% sure on that - I'd have to look up the guff we got given when I am at work next

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